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Free walking tour in Oslo

Opera huset
Written by Vilde

“Why is there a tiger outside the sentral train station here in Oslo?”  the guide asks. The group of people from Spain, Canada, Germany,  Amerika and Holland have no idea

We are on a guided tour with  Free Tour Oslo.  A free  90 minutes long walk through central  Oslo , where we get the answer to the tiger question and lots more..

The tour starts by   Oslo S.  Just turn up at  10.00 a.m daily in the summer months.  Friday- Sunday there is an extra walk 16p.m

Opera huset

The Opera House

We start at the central station, walk to the opera , further up Rådhusgata to the fortress . After that we stroll over to the City Hall, before we go to  the national theatre , Karl Johan ( the main street)  and finish off in front of  the parliament.


the fortress


city hall


Inside the city hall


These free tours  are run by non- authorized guides, but that is almost unbelievable. Our guide was incredible knowledgeable, both on historic and Oslo today. She had lots of interesting stories and useful information.

Even though the tours are free, you are encouraged to tip  – something today`s guide really deserved.



I really recommend everybody who pays Oslo a visit during spring/summer to take this walk, it was fun and informative also for me as an Oslo native.

There are several free guided tours in Oslo, like  to the city hall ( Rådhuset ) 3 times a day or
viking biking tours where you go on a bike through Oslo
More about different tours here

Time to go



Sol på Karl Johan :)

Karl Johan with the royal castle in the background

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